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Dip Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy;

BACP Membership 009839994

vocalising your thoughts

being heard and seen

in your own authentic way

To have "A Voice"

Kate Trott Therapy
Helping you find your Voice
Dr Kate Trott

Hello, I'm Kate.

I'm a Person-Centred Counsellor and Psychotherapist, and also

a Speech and Language Therapist.

I offer these as two separate therapies, to adults.

As a therapist, and in life, I'm driven to explore what it means to 'have a Voice'.

Our Voice, in whatever sense, is one of the

most distinctive and recognisable elements of our unique identity

- to ourselves, and to the rest of the world.

In both therapy domains, the essential nature of self-expression is central.

We need to be heard and understood by others, to live well, grow and move on.

If we can't find our Voice, if we can't use it, or if we lose it, we are missing part of ourselves.

As a therapist in either area, my aim is to

help you feel safe for your Voice to grow and be heard.

Whatever your experiences, concerns, needs and goals, we can hear them together. We can explore ways forward and any changes you want to make.

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